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I suck. Well, not literally. Well, sometimes.

Wow, I am really and truly slacking in the bloggie department. I started this blog as a means to brag about and show off the stuff I feed myself and my family on a nearly daily basis, hence the title “What’s for dinner” (temporarily What’s NOT for dinner). I felt this need to do so because Mormon Jesus knows that they sure as hell don’t brag about it, so someone’s gotta do it. The “Among other things” part, naturally is my opportunity to bitch talk about anything else that comes up, and is my out when I don’t have dinner to talk about. So bear with me as I may not be talking food so much until I lose some more weight and figure out a way to make everyone semi-happy. Speaking of losing weight, I went to the fat doc today and I have lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. Yay me! Here is what my daytime food consumption looks like. Trust me, it could be worse:

So maybe I have a case of paranoid schizophrenia the jitters, but it seems as though I’m still unhappily, but gratefully, employed. Whew. Which is not to say I’m out of the woods, because I’m not and I know that, but for now, for right this minute I still have a job. Oh, and my boss even sent me an instant message the other day (after no contact, NO CONTACT, since 8/28/08), asking if I was going to join a conference call. I immediately messaged him back saying I didn’t have the phone number or the code for the call, and could he could provide it. I got no answer. Nice, huh? Let me just say that I feel like I’m totally on the edge, but for now I will stay there, dangling like a baby about to be dropped from a balcony.