Welcome to my blog! I am a thirty-something mother of 3 (ages 6, 14 and 16), living in beautiful Salt Lake City. Considering I work in the IT industry, I am a little late at creating a blog, but here I go! I have lived in SLC all my life (yes, I am an EX-MORMON) but I love this place despite it’s quirkiness. I’ve learned to live with it and negotiate my way around the idiosyncracies of Utah. My sexy husband came here from Los Angeles with his two children about 10 years ago. We met at University of Phoenix in 2000 and married that year (yep, it was love at first sight!)

Be patient with me as I figure out this blogging business. I want to make a cool page but it’s going to take some time.


2 responses to “About

  1. It already looks cool!

  2. What a strange link you are — someone who knows both my friend Erin and my friend Malcolm, two people who are, to my knowledge, in completely separate spheres of existence. However did that come to be?


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