I’m typing this with my left hand..

I’m typing this with my left hand only because I burned the shit out of my right hand while cooking and need to keep it on a  box of frozen spinach (actually am rotating between spinach and peas) Just an fyi in case I fuck it up real bad..

Sheesh! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I may have forgotten how. I will give it a shot anyway, because I have a lot on my mind lately.  I am totally full of mixed emotions today.  Last night I attended my first ever protest rally..  for something that I feel so strongly about; and not only because it hits so close to home, it is also, and more importantly, a matter of human rights and equality.  If you don’t know know me, I come from a large family; I have five brothers and one sister.  We were raised Mormon, come from a broken home (not special, I know), and two of my brothers are gay.  That being said, this issue hits very close to home for me.  It’s hard for me to accept a world that denies them the same rights that I have.  They pay taxes like I do, they are law abiding citizens like I am, they hold jobs and care for their parents, and care for pets, and care for children if, and when they are able to,  just like any other couple who is afforded the right to do so.  This debate runs deep, and it’s something that I can’t and will never understand.  There is no debate here.  If you are affiliated with a religion that believes that it is wrong, and a sin to love someone of the same gender,  you ought to re-examine:  a) YOUR SENSIBILITY , b) YOUR SENSE OF HUMANITY, and c) YOUR FAITH.

Religion played no part in my marraige, because THAT WAS OUR CHOICE.  If the Mormon church or the Catholic church, or the Baptist church tells their followers that gay marriage is wrong, than so be it.  If you truly believe in, and adhere to the beliefs of that particular faith, and you go against those teachings, than yes, I suppose you are subject to the perceived persecution and judgement according to the teachings of said religion.  But even that is a very subjective matter.  My point being, if you do not belong to, believe in, or otherwise adhere to said religion, than what you do is your business AND NO ONE ELSES.  So please, PLEASE someone explain to me how my brother or my sisters equality affects your marraige.  If it does, that tells me you have A LOT of problems of your own that you should sort out with a therapist.  Or you should get a divorce.  But wait, getting a divorce, really, is destroying the “sanctity of marraige”.  So, I’m considering a movement that involves banning divorce and jailing anyone and everyone who commits adultery or anything else that is subject to sueing a partner for divorce.  Sound good?  Let’s go for it.

On the subject of cooking (which will always remain my favorite subject, and the least controversial), I cooked a real kick-ass dinner tonight.. Gorgonzola-stuffed chicken breasts with a balsamic reduction and sauteed kale with bacon and mustard.  Burning the living shit out of my hand while getting the chicken out of the oven really took the air out of my sails; mostly because Jas had to cut my chicken for me since my right hand is incopasitated.  I will definitely post a picture of it because it was lovely, but right now I’m lucky just to post…

Last night’s dinner…



5 responses to “I’m typing this with my left hand..

  1. Now I’m angry and hungry. I truly cannot understand the arguments opposing civil rights. No matter how the zealots frame it, it’s plain old discrimination.

  2. I adore you for sticking up for your brothers and by proxy for me. It means a lot to me.

    I am sorry you burned your hand, and know how bad that hurts. I always felt more for my patients suffering from burns, because they are so painful.

    Take care of that hand and see a doctor if it is blistered or on the palm of the hand and covers a big area, you don’t want to lose any function in that hand.

    Again, I adore you…

  3. Hi. My name is Steven, and I am a foodie.

    Does your husband want a brother-husband?

    Polygamy is illegal, but what about polyandry? Or would that violate the sanctity of marriage as well?

    All I really want is the food.

  4. Well said. So proud of you for standing up to the bigots!
    On another note, I can’t wait to get to SLC so you can cook for me too! Eeeee!!!
    PS – hope your hand is OK (ouch!)

  5. So proud of you for being @ the protest & standing up for so many who are clearly discriminated against! I agree, what’s the debate here? It’s ridiculous! If we are going to ? who is allowed to get married, why don’t we look at many of the idiots who never should have got married in the first place!! And you know there’s many of those out there! Your brothers must be real proud!
    Hope the hand’s ok now…ouch. Once again you are making me hungry, as you do every time I go to your blog!! :}

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