Changin’ it up, for now.

First of all, note to self: Start carrying around a notebook so that you don’t forget the 500 things that go through your mind in a day that you’d like to blog about. But don’t blog about them all, pick and choose, else you’ll bore the nice people who actually take the time to read what you have to say.

AND, please, if you haven’t already, please see this for the most amazing thing anyone has ever said and/or written about me to my knowledge. This is a true story, don’t be surprised if you see this on the Lifetime channel one day. I don’t think I can or should elaborate because she says it best. But I am forever grateful to this woman, who bullied talked me into blogging after finding me on the webs after being out of touch for 19 or so years. I love you Bunnie, and without you none of this would have happened! You truly are the Goddess of Social Media and old friend and great blog hooker-upper! (not a hooker, please don’t misread this).

Now that that’s out of the way, you may or may not have noticed I changed the Title of my blog, from What’s for dinner, to what’s NOT for dinner. Drastic, I know! The thing is, this new diet food agenda, has put me in a bit of a stump as far as cooking for the family, but only temporarily I guarantee you. Lately I have been uninspired to cook, partially because I’m re-training myself to eat the way that benefits me and my desired weight, and partially because 90% of what I cook, or want to cook, is not appreciated by anyone except for me and the hubs. And even that is debatable. The kids? They would eat a ground shit burger with toe jam sauce and be content. As hard as I try, and want them to eat well, and learn about what good food really is, they don’t want to know. Especially from me, and yes, that is another story for a therapist and yes, I’m looking for one right this minute.

Oh, and for the “Among other things” segment of my blog, I’d like to report that thanks in large part to the deregulation of the greedy sons of bitches on Wall Street and the banking industry in general, one of my 401K’s has dropped oh, a good 50% now in the last few month. 23% just yesterday. I understand the consequences of investing, both positive and negative. But now I fully understand the consequences of investing in a market that has been deregulated by our government. No different than handing a kid a 5 dollar bill and saying, “Here you go, run in there, it’s all yours, no one’s watching, and later, if you get caught, someone else will take the fall.” I’m no good at analogy’s but you get my drift. Work has been scary to say the least. Shit, they bought me lunch today for the first time in I don’t know how long. Perhaps to soften the blow. I don’t really know.

Alright, the good news is, I’ve lost 8 pounds. 8 pounds! The strange thing is, I don’t feel it, I don’t look 8 pounds thinner, but mentally I feel 8 pounds lighter. AND, I found my Treadclimber with a story (see previous post if you have no idea wtf I’m talking about), but I was too chicken shit to find out the juicy details behind my new toy. “Jen”, who was the seller of this magnificent sweat machine, was so nice, told me that she was getting rid of it because she was going through a divorce and was living in an apartment and had no room for it. Jason and I met her at her grandparents house where she was storing it, and God damn if she wasn’t the nicest (and skinniest) woman I’ve met in a long time (and I’m pretty sure she was my age or close to it!)

So here’s to Bunnie and Amy and Jen, and my new Treadclimber, and to finding new ways to cook stuff I love to cook! (Take a shot of your favorite beverage, please)


5 responses to “Changin’ it up, for now.

  1. You are too sweet! I’m so glad I bullied you into the blogosphere, because you are a natural born writer and I love to read your posts. So beyond cool that Amy found you through your blog!
    BTW, I keep a notebook in my purse and at my desk to capture ideas, because they come at the damnedest times. Problem is tearing myself away from reading other blogs and twitter long enough to transform my notebook ideas into actual blog posts. Drat! Which reminds me, I am late to post, gotta run! 🙂
    PS – I’m raising my hands in the air for ya on the 8 pounds! Hot damn!

  2. thanks to Bunnie, my fellow Southerner, Pants & Sterkworks, I found you!

    It’s unbelievable how scary the world is right now. In the last two months the Miami Herald has laid off 25% of the staff. Another layoff was announced on Tuesday, and again everyone around me is affected. I have a bad case of survivors guilt, and am not sure how to channel it.

    Congrats on the healthy weight loss. You’re doing it the right way.

    Oh, and I’m glad Bunnie isn’t a hooker.

  3. Oh silly girl…love your way of words! I did read that post from Amy & found it very touching & inspirational. It’s so nice to know there truly are people out there who care about you & you haven’t forgotten you!
    Hey, meant to ask how the tastebuds were doing anyway? I know you have the new food plan; but, you were having trouble tasting stuff in the first place? I’m sure your “boring menu” is still better than mine! My goal is just to try & get away from so much processed food! And ,did I tell you I seem to be craving frosting lately? No cake needed…just frosting! Reminds me when we took some to camp with us :}
    I know the market crisis is so tough to see & watch. Do I understand you work for ML? I worked for Fidelity & would constantly have to advise peeps what to do. Not that they would listen usually; but…still. You still got a while, make sure it’s all diversified & just leave it alone. I have seen how much people actually lose when they friek out & change it in the bad times. Look at it this way…your regular contributions are “ON SALE” right now. Trust me, I know it’s scary…but, we’ll come out of this rutt eventually! :} (atleast I sure hope so or I’m really screwed too!)
    Glad to see these people in your life that seem to bring “who you are” all together!! :}

  4. p.s….and now that you’ve made me think about it, maybe Bunnie SHOULD BE a hooker. Then she could get the hell outta dodge a lot faster! :} I’m just sayin……. :}
    p.s.s.Kiddn’ Bunnie…you know I luv ya!

  5. Shauna,

    Yeah, the tastebuds. Still ongoing, but sporadic, not constant. Still can’t seem to find a common denominator but I am going to see my ENT doc later this month; maybe he can shed some light. Actually I work for IBM, but on contract with MS (uncle Stanley) and it’s turning into quite a shit storm. Just found out today that a project I’ve been doing (which has to do with SEC regs, has been postponed “due to market conditions”. I’m bracing myself for the worst. But the “worst” could actually end up being best since I’m not happy there anyway. We shall see. I didn’t know you worked for Fidelity, I work with lots of people who came over from there. But yes, you’re right about just leaving the money where it is. Panic has gotten the market to where it is today.
    Thanks for reading my dumb blog!

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