Reflecting, losing weight, and advice. Need some.

On September 11th, 2001, my daughter turned two months old. I was on maternity leave, loving being a mom, but still scared to death about it. I was still coming to terms with the fact that I was responsible for the life of this little human being. I was breast feeding her when I turned on the TV and watched the unbelievable events unfold, and suddenly I was unable to feed her, at least from my body. As if I wasn’t feeling scared enough about keeping this baby alive, I asked myself “What kind of world have I brought her into?” All the crazy thoughts that go along with being a mother for the first time intermingled with this national disaster, of which we knew nothing about yet, was extremely hard for me to reconcile. I got my sister on the phone, we conferenced in my mom, and talked and cried while we watched the 2nd plane hit. I called work to see if anyone from my office was visiting HQ at the time (our HQ was at the WTC), and sure enough there were two colleagues there, but thankfully both escaped unharmed. The days that followed were surreal. I live near a small airport, and was used to hearing small planes overhead, all the time. The silence became awkward and scary almost. And then I remember when they were allowed to fly again, I felt nervous and sick to my stomach when I saw the commercial planes start their descent. A feeling that I have yet to shake. In 2004, I went to New York on business and had a chance to see Ground Zero. I never had the fortune of seeing the towers in person, but NOT seeing them there, and seeing some nearby buildings that were still damaged and being repaired was something I will never forget. I will never forget any of it. I can’t imagine that any of us ever will.

On a lighter note, I quit the detox phase of my weight-loss plan on Monday. I only lasted the three required days, and at that, I barely made it!! I said that was the easy part, didn’t I? Yep, I did, my last post said “easy”. WTF? It was easy four years ago. It was not easy this time around. I started on Saturday and ended up with a huge headache Monday night. And I was so extremely irritable, I would have felt better if someone poured jalapeno juice in my eyeballs. I don’t know what caused it.. I imagine it was carb withdrawal because I ate plenty o’ food. I feel really good so far, and as of today I’ve lost 5 of the 17 total I want to take off. Yay! Need to step up the exercise routine.. Wii fit isn’t quite cutting it, so I’m going to look for a Tread Climber.. those fuckers are expensive, so I’m going to check Craig’s List and for some poor schmuck who paid full price and now needs to get rid of it because his wife left him for another woman. Or something like that. A used Tread Climber with a story, that’s what I want.

And last but not least, I need some advice about Commenting. I’m new to this (duh, as if it isn’t obvious), and I want to know if it’s proper etiquette that I comment on the comments people leave on my blog. I love comments, I LIVE for comments, and I notice that a lot of bloggers comment on comments and I wonder if I should be doing so as well. I’m happy either way. I just want to know.


7 responses to “Reflecting, losing weight, and advice. Need some.

  1. Here is what I do, I ask a magic 8 ball “should I comment on this persons comment?” I flip it over my heart starts racing and I get my answer. try it!

  2. My ex has an apartment around the corner from the WTC, which is where I stay when I’m in the city. Sitting on the phone with him, as the towers fell, listening to him sob, broke my heart into little pieces.

    As far as comments go, I get some really great comments in my blog, so I like to respond back. I don’t think there’s any unwritten rule. After all it’s your blog, so you can do whatever you want.

  3. Oh Candice…I love reading your post. You have a way with words! I was glued to The History Channel’s revist to 9/11 last night & still had the same sick feeling & shock, still seems so surreal! I will see Ground Zero next month & can only imagine the overwhelming feelings that place brings.
    Good for you on the 5 lbs…you go girl!! ALWAYS a battle…so unfair!!
    And agree with Amy…hey, your blog, do as you wish. There’s no rules here. And if there are…screw ’em, make your own! I love comments too…fun to know who’s reading! :}

  4. Just be glad you get comments. I rarely get any comments to even consider commenting back on. I got one comment out of my last seven posts. I feel like I’m talking to myself most of the time.
    Congrats on the 5 pounds, that’s awesome!!

  5. Thanks for the advice! I should have known this all along, because yes, it is MY website after all. Latent Image, can I borrow your 8 ball?

  6. Oh, I just realized if I comment on the comments, then my blog will look like it has more readers than it actually does, cuz well, yeah, I’ll up the comment count. Cool. I’m so smart.

  7. I just read a few of your blogs. You can rest easy about your children in this crazy world. They are going to be some of the people to make it better… in great part because they have you for a mom.

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