No politics on my blog.. except for now. And hummus.

I’m not going to get into anything serious in regards to politics on my blog, but for right now, I have to get this off my chest:  I consider myself an Independent because I could never fully back either party, although I mostly swing towards the Democratic side.  And I swing that way for two big reasons.  Number one being that I have 2 gay brothers.  TWO of them.  They are both Americans, who work, and pay taxes just like us heteros, but are not granted the same rights as we are.  That, my friends, is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.  And when I hear the fucking shit about “preserving the sanctity of marriage” in the context of opposition of same-sex marraige, I want to freaking punch someone in the god damn face.  Let’s face it.. anyone who cheats on their spouse is denouncing the “sanctity of marraige”, right?  So let’s get that shit straight once and for all.  I know more gay couples who are more deserving of children than a lot of heteros who already have children. They are not only financially responsible, but they are more stable in their relationship than a lot of straight couples I know, who already have children.  Why are they being denied the same benefits?  Because the GOP considers it a moral issue, rather than a human issue.  Yeah?  Fuck you. 

Number 2 reason why I could not vote for the GOP (grand old party, my ass..) is that I believe in my right to choose.  That will never waver.  I have never had to exercise that right, and for that I am grateful, but I know plenty of women who have.  This is no ones business except for the person who is in this position.  And for anyone out there who thinks that abortion is a form of birth control, they are sick and twisted, and may one day face their own demons.  That is their choice, not the choice of the douche bags in Washington.  And for the women out there who think that abortion is an abomination, here’s a novel idea..   DON’T FUCKING HAVE ONE! AND DON’T TELL ME, OR ANYONE ELSE WHO MAKES THAT CHOICE, THAT THEY ARE WRONG BECAUSE IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS.  Whew.  Ok, enough said about that. Please don’t hate me.

I watched the RNC to the best of my ability, because my brother told me that “It’s only fair”.  And he is leaning towards an Obama vote for sure, but he likes to keep the peace, so I did it for him.  I can’t say that I’m glad I watched it, because it did nothing for me.  Nothing.  Sure, I completely appreciate McCains service to our country.. I would never deny it.  But it does not make him a better candidate for president.  Pretty much, I wish I could go to sleep until it’s time to vote, and then wake up when it’s all over.  And then decide if I want to remain in this country as a citizen or not.. because my discontent has grown ever since Bush Jr. was elected.  It’s grown into a discontent I never thought I would feel about my country.. I never thought I would feel this passionately about politics, but this election has stirred something in me, and I think in large part it has to do with my family situation, and also that I want my children to grow up in a free society.  Free for everyone, not just heterosexuals, and not just right-wing christian conservatives.  Whew. Ok, again, please don’t hate me.  I needed to get that out and now I feel better. 

And now it’s time to cleanse your palate..  please take a shot of something, or have a bite of sorbet, because while all of this bullshit was going on, I made a kick-ass dinner.  A delightful curry with rice noodles, and I also made a roasted red pepper hummus for a silly pot-luck at work tomorrow.  If you hate curry or hummus, please don’t hate me.  


3 responses to “No politics on my blog.. except for now. And hummus.

  1. Although I am leaning towards McCain at this time, I too am a registered Independent. My biggest problem with the right, is their holy than thou evangelical stance. I too believe in giving the same rights to gays as straights and I believe in the right to choose, although I would have never been able to do it myself. But now that I don’t have those girly bits, so I don’t have to contemplate it. I am vehemently against abortion as a means of birth control though.
    I have huge issues with Obama. First and foremost his association (loose or strong) with Bill Ayers, a self proclaimed terrorist, Rev. Wright, a radical racist and his lack of experience. Initially I was very excited about him, but the more I learn, the more he scares the living hell out of me.
    My biggest problem with the left is there insistence on evening the playing field. It smacks of socialism. Take from the rich and give to the poor, which is not what this country was based on.
    I LOVE politics and have for many, many years. I always watch both the DNC and RNC and debates and make up my mind from there. I could easily end up voting Republican or Democrat and have on many occasions.
    What it boils down to is that each party has their good points and each has their bad points. But, the beauty of it is that we can all be involved, we can all disagree and debate it, but we can all stand solidly as Americans, without fear of personal retribution.
    Like I said, I love me some good ol’ politics and I could never hate anyone for their own personal opinions, least of all you! In fact, I congratulate you for at least being involved in the process, there are far to many complacent Americans that don’t get involved and them bitch about the results of their inaction!
    I have a great idea! Why don’t we start a new party, taking the best parts out of the established ones! Brilliant, I tell ya!
    Love ya, even if you are going to vote for Obama! 🙂

  2. AMEN SISTA! I completely agree & have the same views (almost could have written that myself actually!). I also hate to talk politics; but, certainly do try to stay informed to make my own personal vote. I find this election frustrating because I really don’t want either as the leader of our country. We’re in a bad spot these days & honestly, a little scared for what’s ahead! Way to speak your opinion though….that is the freedom we have to appreciate! :}

  3. P.S….can I tell ya, you are always making me hungry every time I look at your blog. I wish I was a better cook…I try & can make some damn good cookies or stuffed mushrooms; but, that’s about it. I really need to quit cooking out of a box!

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