Colonblow update, plus why I love summer

Well, we survived the Colonblow with no accidents, no embarassing sounds coming from our asses in public, not a single incident. Let me say, however, that our shopping day at Ikea had to be cancelled because I hate public restrooms (although, if I have to use one, Ikea’s are quite pleasant) and since that damn place is so big, I felt it to be a little too risky. So all in all, it was a success, I feel good right now except that I’m tired because I stayed out too late and Ryleigh decided that she wanted me to make her breakfast at 7:30 this morning. Oh well, that’s the beauty of having youg-ens. We went the full 24 hours without eating solid food, so last night when we got to the Rock Band party, we were absolutely starved. Starved beyond starved; to the point where I couldn’t be even a little bit social until I ate something. Anything. Had a delicious burger and lots of wine.. not the best way to end a cleanse, but what the hell.

Ok, and here is why I love summer. Besides the fact that I don’t have to wear socks, this little treat is something I only have at summer time, although I could definitely eat it year round:

Caprese salad. If you’ve never had this, you’re missing out and I suggest you get right to it! It’s absolutely mandatory to use fresh picked tomatoes, but if your garden was blown to shit by a freak storm like mine was, the next best option are Campari. I’m not kidding, these are so close to tasting like you picked em yourself, it’s crazy. Anyhow, you slice those suckers up, sprinkle some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper over them, put FRESH Mozarella cheese (this is important too, you must use fresh, not the rubbery shit they try to pass off as Mozarella) and a basil leaf on top of that. I like to pour a little extra virgin olive oil over the top, then sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar over that. Voila, it’s the most delicious snack you’ll have all summer. And the second reason why I love summer so is because I don’t have to wear socks. So do me a favor, if you’re wearing socks, at least take them off while you savor this treat. For me. Thanks.


3 responses to “Colonblow update, plus why I love summer

  1. Okay, reading about colonblow alongside food pictures just gives me a joy I cannot explain. It’s like sitting at the dinner table with my family.

    Also, caprese salad. Yum. It wouldn’t be summer without it. It’s a perfect food. Sometimes I throw in a little balsamic vinegar. Sometimes not. The sea salt is key. Sometimes I do tiny heirloom tomatoes. But, that fresh mozarella…you aren’t kidding. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE with that string-cheese-like crap.

    Okay, time for a snack.

  2. Glad to hear the colonblow went well. Do you feel lighter now?
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE caprese salad! The first time I had it was in an Italian restaurant in Thailand (go figure!) and I have been making it ever since then. YUM!
    I like to put it on a chunk of good crusty bread too.

  3. I really shouldn’t read your blog while I’m hungry (though the cleansing talk helped take that hunger pain away :}). Ate too much cake yesterday, saving up my calories for a night out on the town with some girlfriends! :}

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