The Cleansing

Every once in a while I feel the need to rid my body of ookieness. So last week I bought a box of Colonblow. I did this last year and felt like a million bucks afterward, and if you check out the website, there are some very graphic pictures of what you may rid your body of. Gross, I know, but the good thing is, you only have to go 24 hours without eating (which is ever so difficult for me since food is all I seem to think about). I took my first dose last night and just downed my second this morning. There is a powder made of psyllium husks and some other stuff that you pour in water and drink, then you take two capsules. You have to drink tons of water to make it work.. Here’s my dilemma though. Tonight is my brand new sister-in-laws’s sister’s wedding reception. I’m ever so worried that the effects of the Colonblow are gonna kick in either on the way there, or when we are there. Jason, my husband, is doing this with me, and we are both going to this reception, which to make things worse, is at someone’s house. AAAARGH, then after that, we are going to my brothers house for an outdoor Rock Band party, which should be a blast, but again, we don’t know what to expect in terms of what they refer to on the box as “release”. Yes, perhaps this is TMI for my fourth blog post ever, but well, that’s just how it goes.

I’m missing the Farmers Market today because the temptation to eat the delicious offerings is too great, so I opted out. Waah, and it’s such a beautiful morning; it feels a tad cooler than usual so today would have been fabulous. I will definitely go next week though, since my sister-in-law, who I haven’t seen for oh, EIGHT years, is coming out for her first visit to Utah. Yay! Should be fun, I’m so excited to see her! This weekend will consist of getting ready for her visit.. have to clean out what we refer to as the “toys room” to make way for some new stuff from Ikea (I’m really excited to do that tomorrow.. Ikea has to be my favorite place on earth) so that Cheryle will have a place to sleep.

Well, please wish us luck.. Luck that I or my husband don’t shit our pants in public…


4 responses to “The Cleansing

  1. This sounds interesting. Gross, but interesting. You definitely need to follow up and tell us how it goes!

  2. What a timely post. My sister and I were talking about something similar yesterday. She told me to just go to the pharmacy and ask for the drugs (over the counter) that they give before a colonoscopy. Let me know how this works and I might give it a shot. Good luck.

  3. LOL..well, hey, thanks for sharing! No really, I think I need to try that out actually. Hope all went well..literally! :}

  4. Ha! Good luck now shitting your pants.

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