What to do?

Ok, so I love Sunchokes, aka Jerusalem Artichokes. But so far, the only thing I have figured out to do with them is roast em with some olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. Don’t get me wrong, this is delicious but I gotta figure out something else to do with these lovely little morsels. The had them on sale at my local grocery store so I bought two bags. It’s funny because whenever I buy them, the checker inevitably asks the following questions: “What the heck are these things?”, “What do they taste like?”, “Where did you find them?”, “What do you do with them?”. Any my response is, “Sunchokes”, “They taste like artichokes but have the texture of a carrot”, “Found them in YOUR produce section”, “I roast them”, respectively. It’s the same thing every time and it’s become kind of a joke. Anyway, if you’ve never had them, you ought to at least try em. I got mine at Harmons. Here’s what they look like:

So if you have any ideas what to do with these, comment me. And then come on over and have some. With a big ole glass of Pinot. Sounds good, eh?


3 responses to “What to do?

  1. I love regular steamed artichokes, they have been one of my favorites. I even remember the first time I had them. I was about 8 years old and we were visiting my aunt and uncle in Carmel, CA. My aunt was an Italian immigrant and cooked SO good. She made us artichokes with drawn butter. I was thinking no way in hell I’m eating that thing, but my mom always taught us to not offend our host, so I did and fell in love instantly. After that I requested that for my special b-day dinner every year.
    I made sure to introduce them to my kids when they were to small to reject unusual food offerings, and they now love them as well.
    Plain and simple steamed with drawn butter or marinated hearts in salad.
    I have never had sunchokes though. I have heard of them, but have never dared to try them. Guess I will wait until we meet again, you will be forced to make them for me!

  2. Have to say I’ve never heard of them either; but, thanks for giving me something new to try! :}

  3. I haven’t seen them in the store in ages.

    I have pan fried them in little rounds like potatoes, but I think they are better roasted, just like you’re doing them. If you do decide to pan fry them, use a non-stick pan or you will be sorry.

    They are so tasty roasted that I never really worried about doing anything else with them!

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