That damn Wii

So on Monday of this week, the Wii console/Wii Fit that I bought from eBay the Sunday prior, finally arrived. Mostly I bought it because I have completely lost my motivation to exercise and I really need something fun that will get me moving. A year ago, I was waking up at 5am to do yoga, or work out on my elliptical machine, or do a variety of dvd workout videos I’ve purchased, but just in the last 6 to 8 months I’ve lost the urge to move. So the obvious has started to happen.. I’m gaining weight at an alarming rate. I realized about a week ago, that being back on Paxil is not helping the situation, but nonetheless, it’s time to get moving again. Anyway, the bottom line is, this damn Wii is TOTALLY addicting. And in a good way.. my son and husband are both into their xBox and computer games, respectively, and we pretty much have our own domains so to speak. The xBox and the gaming computer are both downstairs, so they tend to retreat to the bat cave to do their thing. BUT, since this Wii has arrived, I decided it would be a good thing to set it up upstairs (this was selfish thinking on my part, because I decided before it arrived that it was MINE), but now I realize that this is something we can all do together and have a blast doing it. So the arrival of the Wii and the birth of my blog are occurring at the same time. Gotta make time for both, and I will.

I also made a slightly boring Tuna Salad for dinner, but I used the arugula I bought from the SLC Farmers Market a couple weeks ago, and it was fabulous. God bless the woman who runs the booth who sells me that stuff. I could live off of it.  Funny thing is, last time I was there, I went to her booth (which I frequent each and every time I go there), in search of Arugula, and she was out.  But because I was the second person to ask for it, she ran home and picked a few bags of it for me. AND, she brought back the cutest baby brown chicken you’ve ever seen. One that she FOUND. Strange, I know.. she lives in North Salt Lake, and by god, she FOUND a chicken and is keeping it as a pet. In fact, she purchased another, and a pen and a run and all the stuff chickens need and I can only hope that she’ll sell the eggs those two little chicken bastards create.


2 responses to “That damn Wii

  1. Good for you! You know, so many people say they hate to exercise; but, that’s because they need to find something that they ENJOY doing! I haven’t gotten one of those yet; but, it’s on the list…sounds like fun! Of course, you are always welcome to join me at Jazzercise…that’s another super fun way to get your exercise in!! :}

  2. I love the Wii Fit. You’ll have a blast unlocking all the stuff.

    Be patient with the balance games. I really sucked at them to start with, but they very…very…slowly got fun and now I do some every day.

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