Ok, I’ve done it. After months of deliberating which blog site to use, what to blog about, etc., etc., I’m finally able to post my first post. Yay! And since my world seems to revolve around food, I’ve decided that I will blog about it, among lots of other stuff I’m sure. But food, yeah, it’s become my passion. My masthead is a picture of a Bacon, Lettuce and Scallop salad I made a while back that I was particularly proud of. Now just because I love food and I love to cook, I will not boast that I am good at it. I consider myself a good recipe-finder. I think anyone can cook (if you’ve seen Rattatouille you know what I’m talking about), it’s just like anything else, you have to WANT to do it to be any good at it. I love to entertain, invite family and friends over, and cook for them. I put a lot of passion into my cooking, and I suppose it’s one way I show my love for those closest to me. One of these days, I’d like to have a job in the food industry in some capacity where I can make a little dough without sacrificing time spent with my family. Right now I have the most boring job on the planet, but I have lots of flexibility, 4 weeks of vacation, and get paid pretty well for what I do.. all stuff that I have a hard time giving up for something that may or may not work out. My ultimate dream job would be a food critic. Now who the hell wouldn’t want that job? Hmmm?


5 responses to “Finally

  1. Yeah! I get to be your very first comment EVER!!! I think I want you to move in with me and cook me lots of nummy stuff. I’d even pay ya! Lol!

    Funny, I take pictures of my food when it turns out good, or looks particularly delish. I go through phases of loving to cook and hating to cook. Currently, in the hating to cook mode. Thank God Tal wants to grow up to be a chef and/or Food Network star and volunteers to make dinner just about every night.

    Hey, wait a minute…how the hell do you stay so skinny and be a foodie! So not fair!

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere! I can’t wait to see more of your foodie creations. Yum!

  3. Welcome! Love your masthead, scallops are one of my favourite foods. To many more posts!

  4. Shauna (Leach) Coleman

    Hey Candace! Remember me? Your old neighbor?…Sandra forwarded me your blog page, it’s such a fun way to stay in touch! So welcome….soon you’ll see how addicting it can be too! : } Hope life is treating you well! I saw that recent family picture from the wedding…it was so fun to see you all again. And you all look FABULOUS!! Tell them hi from the Leach clan!

  5. BTW, can I just tell you how YUMMY that salad looks…making me hungry!

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